teilchenbeschleuniger will participate in the:


November 29-30, 2013
MSU Zagreb

which initiates a 3 year project converging art and science at the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb:


Twenty current positions reflecting the sustainable use of renewable energies and practices in our everyday professional and private lives will be presented and discussed during the two conference days in the Gorgona Hall at the MSU, 10 am to 5 pm. The aim is to accelerate the process of thinking about renewable energy and sustainability at the micro and macro levels. International and Croatian speakers will cover a spectrum of themes, focusing on interdisciplinary artistic practices and new models for social and political organizing. Conservation, energy production and consumption, the environmental impact of the food chain, as well as alternative methods of building construction – including the energy “overhaul” of existing buildings and public institutions – will be featured, all in the context of the new economic energy models of civil society in development. Both days will culminate in plenary discussions aimed at actively engaging the audience.

Speakers include:

Nikola Bašić, architect /  Dr. Vesna Bukarica, photovoltaic scientist / Dr. Mladen Domazet &
Dr. Danijela Dolenec, social scientists / Dr. Maja Božičević Vrhovčak, DOOR /
Drs. Maja & Reuben Fowkes, curators / Igor Franić, architect / Davor Fulanović, curator /
Ivica Gjurić, architect / Adrienne Goehler, curator – publicist / Mirela Holy, Ph.D., politician /
Vedran Horvat, HBS Zagreb / Deborah Hustić, Gjino Šutić i Davor Jadrijević, artists – activists /
Dr. Vladimir Lay, social scientist / Dr. Konrad Mertens, photovoltaic scientist /
Ljubomir Miščević, architect / Dr. René Mono, 100% erneuerbar stiftung /
431 art – Haike Rausch & Torsten Grosch, artists – activists / Shelley Sacks artist – activist /
Antje Schiffers & Thomas Sprenger, artists / David Smithson, artist /
Dr. Dražen Šimleša, social scientist

Project author:          David Smithson

Curated by:               Tihomir Milovac

Organized by:

MSU Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb
DOOR Zagreb
Otvoreni likovni pogon Zagreb

Interested participants please send a notification by e-mail to msu@msu.hr, with „SPVH“ as subject, no later than November 22nd. The number of participants is limited. Applications will be accepted until the capacity has been filled.